Let no one stay away from the magic of poetry.

Everyone has a loved one, dear one respected one for whom your heart speaks out loud yet may fall short in words. Why worry, when there is poetry. Now convey your heart’s emotion, gratitude, love , respect with beautiful play of words. Gift your loved ones personalized poetry, or better read them out loud on their biggest occasion.

It could be a mother expressing love for her children or childern for their parents, It could be students expressing gratitude towards their teacher or An employee expressing farewell emotions to his colleague or senior. A husband to wife or wife to husband.

A sister to her sibling or a friend to friend ….let your emotions and feelings flow in form of poetry, You can choose different genres
Romantic, gratitude, funny, spooky, surprising, motivational….

Also we have personalized Stories written in beautiful way to gift to your loved ones…where you can choose to be hero and heroine
In Bollywood style, in Inspirational Style, in Dramedy



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